Since 1998 we have been growing and developing trust and reliability to become the largest distributor of International Telecommunications and ethnic products in the Mid-Atlantic region. In the past few years, we have strengthened our distribution by incorporating new lines of business with the goal to provide our clients with reliable, demanded, high rotation products for their customers. Our products include the following categories: International Telecommunications, Health & Beauty, General Merchandise, OTC, Snacks, POS services, International Money Transfer and Bill Payment.
We are official distributors of brands and products like: Boss Revolution, IDT, Tigo, Panini World Cup Sticker Collection, and Slim Revolution.


We are a distribution company that exists to support the well-being of immigrants in the United States of America; supporting them in maintaining their identities through the use of our products that connect them with their customs, families, and roots.

At TCN we are efficient, kind people, and we are committed to providing good services. We care about our customers', workers', and shareholders' well-being.



TCN has direct distribution routes to more than 4,000 retailers and has its own fleet of vehicles that makes daily deliveries. Being located in the Washington DC metropolitan area allows us to be efficient with the sales-to-delivery process. All of our processes are efficiently connected for the benefit of our customers. Through our CRM, ERP, and VOIP technology our different teams (Telemarketing, Sales, Warehouse, Drivers, Office and Management) are synchronized to ensure maximum efficiencies.

We use different systems for our various lines of products; some of them (like the Boss Revolution portal and our E-commerce platform) allow our customers to sell and buy directly through their computers, POS, cellphones, or portable electronic devices. That way, they can place orders at their convenience instead of having to wait for a sales representative to visit them.



Supermarkets, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, Wireless Stores, Grocery Stores, Check Cashing…these are some of the types of retailers that we service, and they all are the reason why we do business. With a portfolio of over 2,000 different products between the Boss Revolution Portal and our distribution business, we help our clients to serve their final customers the best that they can, connecting them with their roots.

TCN has specific sales teams for each line of business to ensure that we meet our clients´ expectations with experience and professionalism.

With our knowledge of the demographics of the area, our experience of more than 20 years investing in local and national media, and by taking good care of all the variables of the Marketing Mix, we ensure that every product we launch is directed to the right target, placed in the right location, and has enough demand at the point of sale.


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